Our Story


Columbia Gardens Cemetery has been family owned for four generations, continuously since our founding in 1917. It has been described as Arlington County’s community cemetery. We invite our neighbors and area residents to walk our winding paths and enjoy the towering trees and beautiful gardens on our grounds.

Columbia Gardens Cemetery is multicultural and non-denominational.

Columbia Gardens is one of the few cemeteries in the Northern Virginia area that offers a wide range of options for memorials, including upright monuments and memorials, flat markers and private mausoleums.

Burial and Interment Options

In an era where cemeteries are often owned by corporations, our family has watched over Columbia Gardens for over 400 seasons – over 100 years. We have served as trusted stewards of the memories of families and friends. You are welcome to visit our grounds to be comforted, or to find a peaceful place for reflection, whatever the season.


For us, it’s all about you and the needs of your family. That means that Daun Thomas Frankland and our staff take a hands-on approach to the overall care of Columbia Gardens, and the interment sites located here. And, it means making sure the immediate needs and concerns of your family, especially at a time of grief, are respected and met. Our mission is to listen to you and respond with very personal service for the care of your loved ones.