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Even though Columbia Gardens Cemetery has been in existence for over 100 years, there are still many burial sites and interment options available in beautiful locations throughout the grounds. We are available to walk you around the grounds and help you decide which option best meets the needs of you and your family.
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Burial and Interment Options


Columbia Gardens is one of the few cemeteries in the Washington, DC metro area that continues to offer the option of upright monuments or memorials, in addition to flat markers. We think this gives our cemetery a distinctly Old-World appearance. Our single site spaces are able to accommodate traditional casket and in-ground cremation burials.


Many options are available for interment above ground, either for casket burial or cremation urns, including our columbaria, private mausoleums, monuments and new cremation garden.

Upright Monuments


Family islands are just that, areas set apart on which families can create a memorialization for generations of its members. We would be pleased to discuss your options for location and design, at your convenience.


Our new cremation garden provides a natural setting for memorialization. Outdoor niches offer both in-ground and above-ground burial for cremated remains. Niches and smaller upright monuments are blended into the landscape or nestled into garden features such as the birdbath, benches and boulders. At the center of the cremation garden is an obelisk that serves as a columbarium.

Obelisk Monument in Cremation Garden


Our stately companion urn columbarium offers an above-ground option where family members can visit and remember. Each niche features a rich granite cover plate and accommodates up to two urns. Our newest addition, the cremation garden, includes as a centerpiece a smaller columbarium within an obelisk.


Mausoleums offer unique opportunities for families to have private space for themselves. Mausoleums may house casket burials, niches, or a combination. Each is custom designed to meet the needs of the family.



The choice of style and manufacturer of your memorialization is, within our rules and regulations, up to you. For your convenience, our staff can help you craft a monument or marker to suit any budget and style. For cremation, Columbia Gardens offers many unique urns from which to select.


You and your heirs will own the interment rights to your space forever. From our beginning in 1917 to today, a percentage of the purchase price of each interment right is placed in a Care and Maintenance Trust to ensure that your loved ones will always be surrounded by a place of beauty and peace.

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