Discover Winding Pathways
A Place to Gather & Remember
All Are Welcome
Rest & Reflect
Art & Architecture
Families and friends and neighbors, all are welcome to walk the peaceful paths that wind through Columbia Gardens.
Discover Winding Pathways
A Place to Gather & Remember
All Are Welcome
A Place for Rest
Art & Architecture
Families and friends and neighbors, all are welcome to walk the peaceful paths that wind through Columbia Gardens.

For the Seasons of Life

The Columbia Gardens Cemetery is located in the heart of Arlington’s Ashton Heights Historic District, about one mile west of Arlington National Cemetery. Founded in 1917, Columbia Gardens offers a range of burial and cremation options, including sites for upright monuments. Columbia Gardens serves the needs of families of all denominations and faiths, all nationalities, all walks of life.

Columbia Gardens is family owned, now managed by the fourth generation of the Thomas family. They have watched over Columbia Gardens for over 400 seasons — over 100 years — serving as trusted stewards of the memories of families and friends. Daun Thomas Frankland, great-granddaughter of the founder, and her team will personally answer your questions and guide you through the process, no matter what your needs are.

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Celebrating 100 Years

Columbia Gardens was created in 1914 and established in 1917 in the tradition of the garden cemetery. Its stated intent was “to make a place that will be attractive as a park and a credit to the county.” We are proud to celebrate our centennial — 100 years of staying true to our mission.




Columbia Gardens Cemetery opens in Arlington. Judge Harry Randolph Thomas, one of the trustees, takes on the role of caretaker.


The mausoleum in honor of Admiral George Dewey, is moved to the entrance of Columbia Gardens to be used as a public receiving vault.


Superintendent’s House built on grounds by Colonel Robert Dye, superintendent at Arlington National Cemetery and supervisor at Columbia Gardens.


Elizabeth "Lizzie" J. Phillips, interred. Inventor of The Landlord’s Game, which is believed by many to be the true origin of "Monopoly."


Ned Thomas takes over as president of Columbia Gardens. As a teenager, he worked for his father, Homer Thomas, digging graves by hand.


Ned Thomas immediately buys backhoe (see 1954) and parks it in front of cemetery to show people we had moved into new technology.


Columbia Gardens Memorials established, specializing in highly detailed reproduction of artwork for monuments. The company is owned by Robert Thomas.


Memorial Rose Garden created by Homer Randolph Thomas, son of the founder. Located near the main gates, it holds nearly 200 rose bushes.


Construction of Service Area Barn is completed. The barn is still used today for equipment storage and maintenance.


Oren Lewis, federal judge, interred. Lewis authored an opinion used as the basis of the 1954 Supreme Court ruling Brown v. Board of Education.


Roy Buchannan, influential guitarist and blues musician, interred. Frequently played at The Birchmere and counted James Brown, John Lennon and Merle Haggard as fans.


Jerome Karle, chemist, interred. Won the Nobel Prize in 1985 for the direct analysis of crystal structures using X-ray scattering techniques.


Daun Thomas Frankland, great-granddaughter of founder Harry Randolph Thomas, takes over as president of Columbia Gardens Cemetery from her brother, Ned Thomas, Jr.


Columbia Gardens Cemetery celebrates its 100th Anniversary.


Columbia Gardens Cemetery participates in our first-ever Wreaths Across America Day to honor the 1000+ veterans who are buried on our grounds.


June 14 was a historic day for Columbia Gardens Cemetery when Bishop Burbridge, assisted by Father Christensen, blessed our beautiful Cremation Garden.


Our event center opens for indoor/outdoor gatherings to celebrate the lives of loved ones.


Columbia Gardens Cemetery achieves national recognition as a Level II Arboretum with 100+ species of trees and woody plants.




    3411 Arlington Boulevard • Arlington, VA 22201
    Phone: 703.527.1235 • Toll Free: 800.432.5226
    Fax: 703.525.1341

    OFFICE HOURS: Monday – Friday: 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
    Saturday: 9:00 am to 12:30 pm

    VISITING HOURS: The cemetery grounds are open from daylight to dusk.